Homemade Baby Shower Invitations…..

Baby Shower Invitations

I recently had an opportunity to organize a friend’s baby shower (her third by the way). I decided to make the invitations from scratch instead of using Evite because, hey, I like making things a little bit more difficult than they need to be.

So after combing through different themes and color schemes, for weeks mind you, I decided on a color scheme of pink and brown and a “Onesie” theme. Now, if you know anything about Pinterest, you know that you can’t go on there without at least an idea of what you want or your brain will go into sensory overload (I did mention I’m hard-headed right?)

After all that work, I found a great invitation at Bringing Home Baby. I loved how the invitation looked and wanted to make one similar.

To make it more “mine,” I switched up the colors to pink and brown and decided to add some things to make it more “unique.”. Take a look at the pictures below:

20141122_144219 (2)


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