Homemade Thank You Cards…

P1000766 (2)The other week, I needed some Thank You cards. I didn’t want to go to the store and pick out some random blank card with a picture on it, so I decided to make some. I wanted to do something small and simple so I came up with this. Check out how I did it!

You will you need:

Paper (I used smooth cardstock paper)


Corner Punch (you can find the one I used here.)

20150505_201236 (2)

– Type 4 “Thank You’s” in a word document.

– Depending on your font and spacing, you will be able to get them to fit on a single page (I used a Vladimir Script and size 42 font).

– Highlight and split the text into two columns.

– With the size 42 font, you should have 11 lines from the top to bottom. Place the first “Thank You” on the 5th line and the second one on the 11th.

– Continue to press the “Enter” key until the other two “Thank You’s” on the second column parallel to the first column.

– Cut the paper into 4 and they should look like this:


– After cutting, fold the paper in half with the “Thank You” on the front.


– After folding, place a corner of the card into the punch and push down until it punches. Do this for all for corners.

The good thing about this corner punch is that it has three different designs, so you can choose the one you like best or use all three if you are making a lot of them.

P1000791 (2)

P1000751 (2)


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