Decorating Baby Room – Baby Wreath

20150105_224752 (2)

I saw a picture of a front door wreath and I thought to myself, “I can totally make that!” I wanted to make something for a pregnant friend of mine to put up in her daughter’s room as decoration. Her colors for the room was pink and brown so I decided to paint it pink on the inside and brown on the outside using acrylic paint.

I found this wreath in one of Martha Stewart’s Living Magazine. Here’s a picture:.


I loved the look of it so I decided to recreate it. I used:

– Floral Craft Ring (you can find it here.)

– Glue gun and glue sticks

– Acrylic Paint (pink and brown)

– 4.7 inch and 7 inch wooden (you can find it here and here.)

After painting thirty 7 inch cones and nineteen 4.7 inch cones (pink on the inside and brown on the outside), I them dry before placing them on the floral ring. I used the glue gun to hold the cones to the floral ring. After gluing the first layer down (7 inch cones), I glued the second layer of 7 inch cones on top of and in between the first layer. After he glue dries, place the 4.7 inch cones in the wreath to make sure that you have enough to complete the wreath.


Place and glue the 4.7 inch cones on top and in between the second layer of the 7 inch cones. Repeat for the last layer.

Viola! We’re done!

20150105_224711 (2)

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  1. mide says:

    Such a great idea…I love it!!!


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