Jollof Rice and Sausage Stuffed Bell Peppers..


Growing up, I hated bell peppers with a passion. The only time I ate them was if they were blended together with tomatoes and onions to make a stew. Nowadays, I don’t mind them as much.

I came across some bell peppers on sale during my recent trip to the grocery stores and I decided, why not. This recipe is a quick one and I used items I already had in the refrigerator/freezer so there was no additional costs.

Making a meal and having leftovers is a norm for me so I thought to use the leftover Jollof rice I had in the refrigerator rather than making a new batch of rice. Granted, you can use whatever rice you want to stuff your bell peppers, but this is what I had from the other night and it was tasty, available, and already prepared!

Servings: 2


– 2 bell peppers (color and size depends on you)

– rice (I used between 1/2 cup and 3/4 cup. Just depends on the size of your bell peppers)

– sausage (pork, beef, chicken….)

– fresh garlic clove (amount depends on how much you like garlic. I used 2 cloves)

– small onion

– grated cheese (any kind)

– 1 egg

-olive oil

– salt and pepper

– Heat oven at 350 degrees.

– depending on if your rice is cooked already or not, you should prepare the rice.

– place a small amount of oil in a frying pan and heat. Place sausage in the pan and use cooking utensil to crumble as it is cooking.

           – I cooked a lb. of sausage because I had plans for the rest, but I only used about 1/4.

– as sausage is cooking, mince the garlic and cut the onion into small pieces.


– also, cut the top of the bell pepper and cut out the white parts and remove the seeds. Rinsing the peppers in water will also help to loosen and remove the seeds. The outside of the bell peppers should be lightly coated with olive oil. Do the same with the pan you will baked the peppers in.


– drain oil from sausage before adding garlic and onions to the pan. Cook the sausage, onion, and garlic together for about 2-3 minutes.


– in a bowl, crack the egg and whisk it very briefly. Just enough for the egg white and yolk to mix together.


– place rice, sausage and onion mixture, and a small amount of cheese in the bowl and mix it together. Also add salt and pepper, depending on your taste.


– place the rice/sausage mixture into the bell peppers and fill it up. Sprinkle cheese on top.


– put the peppers in the pan cover with aluminum foil.


– place pan in oven and bake for 15 minutes before taking off the aluminum foil and baking for another 15 minutes.


– make sure peppers are cooked through before taking it out of the oven. Some people like it a firmer than others so please keep an eye on the peppers to get the right consistency for you.

– take peppers out of the oven, serve warm, and enjoy!





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