Beef Tacos with Mango and Cranberry Salsa


Typically when I decide to make one of these recipes, I’m not usually organized. You can catch me waiting till the last minute and then having to substitute ingredients because…….. I’m never organized!

Thankfully, I had everything that I needed at home. I’m a HUGE lover of Mexican cuisines so I always have most of these ingredients at home. As I was thinking about making these tacos, I decided to use this Mango-Cranberry Salsa Recipe. I made the salsa over the holidays for some friends and knew I just had to get this on some tacos!

Here’s how I made it:

Serving Size: 1

– 3/4 cup beef strips
– salt and garlic powder (for seasoning)
– corn tortillas
– fresh cilantro
– diced onions
– 1 or 2 tablespoons sourcream
– vegetable oil and deep fryer

I started off prepping the ingredients  (cutting anything that needed to be cut).


I seasoned the beef strips with salt and garlic seasoning and let it marinate for a couple of minutes.
I then sauted it in a frying pan. Depending on how you like your beef, you can cook it from rare to we’ll done. I personally like it medium well.
As this was cooking I plugged up the deep fryer and warmed up the oil. I always wanted to make my own taco shell. There was more error than trail, but I finally got the hang of it.


Make sure you have a cooking utensil to push down in the middle of the tortilla.


It was more of a flash fry, so the tortilla was only in the deep fryer for less than 20 seconds.


I like it a little bit crunchy, but with enough softness that it won’t break apart after one bite.

After little the tortillas cool down, I began to assemble what I like to think of as the greatest taco I have ever made!

No taco is complete without some sour cream.





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