Currently Stalking…..

20151006_152446 (2)

Here’s to wishing for spring to come early! This has been a busy month, and with all of the cold weather (thank goodness we didn’t get too much snow here), it seems like all I wanted to do was curl up on the couch. But never fear, I definitely had some time to stalk some things, or, people, or food?!?! Never mind…

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this artist @sage_barnes!!! Just… everything!

this jewelry storage mirror. I can definitely see myself making this.

“patience, young grasshopper…

who doesn’t love floating shelves!

i’ve always wanted a plant inside, and this skinny planter stand is really making me really consider it, but knowing my luck, it’d be dead in a week….

this spiral flower heart canvas is interesting…

i’m not a wine drinker, but this red wine pomegranate punch is looking mighty tasty…

i love garlic bread like the next person, but this cheese garlic bread is downright decadent!

this potato chip salted champagne caramels is just… it’s just… OK i’m done!


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