DIY Glitter Mason Jars


Hello all! Sorry for the long hiatus, I was super busy getting ready to the end of the school year (teacher here!). My sister-in-law graduated last month with her Masters as a Nurse Practitioner (super proud of her!). So when she told me that she was having a party to celebrate this

huge milestone in her life, I was super excited to make something for her special day.
Since there was a specific color scheme (white, black, and gold), I decided to make a couple of gold mason jars to accompany the delicious cake pops that I made. Its a simple and super easy process, but waiting for it to dry is the hard part.

Materials Needed

Mason jars (I used a 32 oz. jar)

Mod Podge – Glossy

Glitter (I chose gold, but you can choose another color)

Disposable Aluminum Foil Pan or Plate

Paint brush



1. Pour Mod Podge into the mason jar, about an inch (half if you are using a smaller jar).

2. Pour glitter into the mason jar. Depending on how vividly, bright, and colorful you want it to appear, you can add more (I added about 3 tablespoons).


3. Mix the Mod Podge and glitter together, then tilt the jar in different directions until the inside of the jar is coated completely.

4. Once the entire inside of the jar is coated, turn the jar upside down on a plate or disposable aluminum foil pan.


5. Leave it for an hour, letting the excess mixture pour out. Turn the jar right side up and let it dry for 24-48 hours and it can now be used!


**Sidenote: As I watched the glue mixture dry, I noticed that some of the mixture was sliding down in places and leaving bare spots. Use a paintbrush to gently disperse the mixture so that the spots will be covered. Not doing this will leave bare spots all over your jar and it won’t have a consistent finish.**

6. Unfortunately, after 48 hours, the glue mixture had not dried completely. Luckily, I was able to place the jars in the oven at 150 -175 degrees for several hours until it dried.

The finished product came out wonderful, and I was able to use it the same day as a stand for the cake pops.

20170506_22495220170507_001954.jpg20170506_224933 (2)

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