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  Happy Fourth of July! I’m sure many of you are enjoying a day off work, celebrating America’s independence, or even barbecuing and spending time with family and friends.

Red, White, and Blue Vanilla Cupcake Recipe

  The Fourth of July is not all about the parties and fireworks. It’s also about America’s Independence and being united, not just as a country, but as a people as well, despite our differences. On that note, I wanted to share with you my journey to finding the perfect

Quick and Easy Blueberry Pancakes with Strawberry Syrup

The 4th of July is a couple of days away and I’m sure am excited, aren’t you? The barbeques, the pool parties, fireworks…. you get it. If you’re looking for ideas for a Fourth of July breakfast, look no further. This recipe is a quick and easy breakfast for two. If you

Double Chocolate Strawberries Muffins

If you don’t like chocolate muffins, then something is wrong with you. Seriously, seriously wrong. Like any good little chocolate lover, having a chocolate muffin fits right into fulfilling my chocolate craving from time to time. There is just something about a chocolate muffin with gooey chocolate chips inside that gives me the shudders (the…

Kosher Dill Pickles

  Pickles bring back memories of my childhood. Those long summer days, playing outside until the street lights come on, spending time with family and friends while eating pickles and drinking the juice. Fun times. Nowadays, there are all different types of