Holiday Boxes

I hope everyone had a great Christmas. Over here at the Crafting Station for the holidays, i decided to decorate some

Decorating Unfinished Wood Trays

My nieces have been begging me lately to let them have free reign on my Crafting Station. After giving them the longest side eye possible, I decided to let them help me out with a project that I’ve ben thinking about doing for awhile now, but haven’t had the time to complete.

Decorating Baby Room – Baby Wreath

I saw a picture of a front door wreath and I thought to myself, “I can totally make that!” I wanted to make something for a pregnant friend of mine to put up in her daughter’s room as decoration. Her colors for the room was pink and brown so I decided to paint it pink on the inside…

Homemade Thank You Cards…

The other week, I needed some Thank You cards. I didn’t want to go to the store and pick out some random blank card with a picture on it, so I decided to make some. I wanted to do something small and simple so I came up with this. Check out how I did it!

This Past Valentine’s Day…..

  This Valentine’s Day, I decided that I would be my nieces valentine (cause that’s how I roll!). I’m all about empowering women (even little girls) to be self-sufficient and love themselves how they are and not how other people want them to be. If we don’t show them that they are loved for who they are now (especially…